Barcode Revolution FAQ


What information needs to be provided in order to start the process of getting a designed barcode?

Once you decide to purchase a Design Barcode, we will gather the following information from you:

      1. Barcode number
      2. Barcode type (UPC, EAN, etc.)
      3. Name and category of the item (example: Dr. Pepper, beverage category)
      4. Material and shape of packaging
      5. Specific location and orientation of barcode area (example: bottom right)


      How long does it take to receive my Design Barcode?

      Once we receive all of the above information and payment from your company, it will take approximately 14 days for you to receive your Design Barcode if you select a “Shared Use” barcode or an “Exclusive Use” barcode. “Custom” barcodes will take slightly longer due to the creative briefing process.


      How do I receive my Designed Barcode?

      Once completed, you will receive a CD with your final barcode artwork which can then be given to your barcode printer.


      How much does it cost?

      Please refer to our pricing page


      Do we need a new Barcode number if we want to purchase?

      No, you do not need a new barcode number. When you purchase a Design Barcode, we will take your current barcode number and apply it to the design you’ve chosen.


      Does a Design Barcode work the same as a regular barcode?

      Yes, it will scan the same as a regular barcode. Each Design Barcode is put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that they comply with international barcode standards.


      Does Barcode Revolution guarantee that our Designed Barcode will scan properly?

      Please read the Design Barcode™ Legal Liability Waiver