Best Chair for Back Pain in 2023 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Everybody that must endure several hours of work at a desk knows that only a comfortable chair won’t work most of the time, as comfort must mean ergonomics and physiotherapeutic comfort.

Today we will see a list of the most recommended chairs for back pain available right now in the market for all of you who are looking for a final solution to your issues while sitting at your desk, either at home or in your office.

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Many people who already suffer from health issues on the back know that many comfortable seats can be a fake experience that lasts for a few hours or, in some cases, for some months or a few years as the chair deteriorates drastically and can’t offer the same kind of comfort.

Our list includes only top-notch chairs that cost at least $300 and can endure for many, many years with no plain seats after a while or anything like that. It is not hard to find a good chair for back pain on this budget limit, but it is also easy to fool yourself with many expensive sturdy pieces that are valuable for the leather rather than the ergonomics of its design, and this is really not what you need.

Before we get to our list, we will see a brief list of things you can bear in mind to help you decide which is the perfect chair, as well as tips to avoid the traps in case you want to go further and look for more models based on our recommendations.

How to Find the Perfect Chair for Back Pain

We’ve proven that pricey materials and short-term pain relief aren’t the answers to the problem of chronic back pain. Pain in that area is more likely to occur if you sit awkwardly, in a chair that doesn’t support your body, or in a chair with inadequate padding.

We must feel the pull of gravity even when seated, according to the laws of physics. Even though we feel gravity pulling us down, our bodies are actually pushing upward against the chair. More rigid and less pliable the chair, the more your body will hurt from trying to adjust to it.

Your complete focus must also be directed toward the back support of this chair if you want to keep your back straight and your posture comfortable.

Patented padding

Always prefer brands that design special cushion systems for their chairs. Does it look weird? not comfortable? strangely simple? It must be actually really good. The furniture industry is investing a lot of money in new materials that have special physical features that traditional seats with simple lather and foam systems do not provide.

Smart frame system

The more adjusting options a chair has, the better. Sometimes it might seem too much but is not. Each person has a specific body, weight distribution, and height, among other unique relation of features. There is no such thing as a chair custom-made in the industry – at least not for less than some 10k dollars – so you must stick to the one that you can adjust better to yourself.

Warranty Policy

The more you invest in a chair like this, the longer the warranty policy must be. You will not want to spend thousands on a chair to have it malfunctioning after 1 year and no way to cover these expenses, as well as you will not want to buy a replacement part so soon. Most of the brands on our list offer at least 3 years but some can offer 12 to a lifetime length.

Purchase Tips


The less you need to assemble, the better. These chairs are in general complicated and require accuracy to be mounted. You will not want to endure the literal pain in your back due to a badly assembled chair. Most online retailers will not include professionals to assemble, so you should rather stick to them, buy them at physical stores or avoid half-assembled/not assembled items


Most online sellers do not offer clear information on weight capacity, compatibility with height, and other important measures. Be sure to pressure the retailer before you make your purchase and do not stop until you are officially assured of this information through technical information on manuals and other official media of the manufacturer.

Asking if the chair supports up to 180 lb and getting a ‘Yes’ back is not enough, make them prove it before you order it.

Listing Prices

Don’t be fooled by the first opportunity you see ahead. While the prices we are informing here in this list, for example, are updated until the publication of this same list, the market is always in battle. Search for discounts, promotions, and selloffs.

Either for the products, we are recommending here or your own research, exercise your patience. Pay attention to the clearance sale season and hold on to make the best deal.

Best Chair for Back Pain

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase is another brand famous for their office chairs and the Leap model is sold as their #1 design for ergonomic purposes and is one of the finest chairs not only for back pain as well as to correct your spine while sitting.

This chair has several patented adjustable settings, designed especially to adapt as much as possible to the user’s body and be as efficient as possible. This chair also makes use of exclusive fabrics that will make your body weight shape the chair and reduce the tension appropriately, ideal for long working hours at your desk.

This one is a bit more affordable than the Miller one, but still a sturdy investment.


  • Chair with patented technologies for adjustable settings
  • Live back – the back flexes with movement, emulating the natural shape of the spine
  • Natural glide system – the seat glides to enable reclination and variate positions
  • Adjustable sliding armrest system


  • All settings are easy to adjust with intuitive handles
  • The chair is 98 percent recyclable by weight and made of up to 30 percent recycled materials.
  • Available in several different colors

DXRacer Formula Series Office Chair

DXRacer is a famous brand of furniture for gamers and they manufacture exactly the kind of chair that you can rely on if your issue is back pain. The eSport like a great DXRacer chair is designed to support the user for several hours in a row sitting at your desk.

The cost of this chair is not as high as our first three models because it doesn’t have a lot of patented exclusive technologies, but the quality is not far from them at all. The eSports chair has an ergonomic exclusive seat, highly adjustable armrests, headrests, and extra cushions.


  • Ergonomic chair with adjustable arms
  • Includes attachable cushion that works like a pivoting headrest
  • Extra cushion for lumbar support
  • Reclining adjustment


  • Silent and smooth chair movement
  • The seat reclines up to 135º
  • Available in 2 different colors

Ergohuman Me7Erg Swivel Chair

This chair developed by Ergohuman is the kind of sturdy composition that is designed to provide efficient results to your body and has as many tricks with its fabric as the Miller chair. Even though, the Me7Erg makes intelligent use of the already famous mesh fabrics to provide an efficient system of tension reduction for ergonomic and therapeutic purposes.

The chair is designed with different “sectors”, one for a headrest, two for the lumbar, the seat, and armrests.


  • Designed on ergonomic mesh fabric
  • Made on different sectors for each part of the body
  • Several adjustable settings, from armrests to height and tilt of the back support
  • Number of References: W09-01W09-01


  • Adjustable to several different settings
  • Ergonomic fabric that naturally adjusts the tension while sitting
  • Available in several different colors

Duorest Gold Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair is also developed by Duorest and has the same design as the Alpha 60H with some slight differences. One of them is the price, much more affordable, because once again, like our previous model, this chair doesn’t have that many refined fabrics.

It works with traditional cushion systems but is not depriving you of the unique technology of Duorest chairs. The dual backrest, with adjustable options even for the spine of the chair is there too. The headrest and the seat are slightly different and also made of different fabrics. The price is more affordable but the chair is still extremely well rated.


  • Fully adjustable dual backrests
  • Includes adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable pneumatic seat height
  • Controls for tilt, tilt tension, and tilt lock


  • Same Duorest patented design with lower costs

Herman Miller’s Embody Chair

The brand of this chair needs little introduction though this chair for back pain surely does. It is one of the trendiest and most well praised releases in the last few years on ergonomic chairs and one of the most successful designs developed by Herman Miller.

No wonder this chair is over 1k dollars, the kind of investment that is really worth the price for people who endure several hours sitting at a desk and already suffer from back pain.

The Embody has the patented organic charcoal rhythm fabric that offers an impressive tension reduction, is extremely comfortable, and auto adjustable. All the other additional resources of the chair are likewise adjustable.


  • Made on charcoal rhythm fabric
  • Graphite base and frame
  • Includes adjustable handrest, armrest, seat pan depth, height, reclining tension, and lumbar support.
  • 6 ergonomic functions


  • Currently the chair with the most adjustable settings in the market
  • Half assembled on the box. Parts that require assembling are supported with all the necessary tools included in the package for free
  • 12-years warranty policy

Office Star Breathable Screen Back and Bonded Leather Seat

Finishing our list of the top chairs for back pain, the Office Star is the last great option with a good price and is still into our $300 budget – because less than that you already know it won’t work on your back pain.

This chair has a simple design but works with the great mesh fabric that will provide great relief for back pain, adjust naturally to your body and provide the right amount of tension release.


  • Seat made on top grain leather
  • Backrest is made of air grid mesh fabric
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 2-to-1 synchro Tilt Control


  • You can adjust tilt tension, height, and reclining of the chair
  • Made of sturdy steel pieces, supports up to 200 lb.

Alpha 60H Executive Office Chair

The Alpha 60H is developed by Duorest Alpha, which is a brand with quite some good and praised designs in the market for ergonomic chairs. This is one of the tops and most well-rated models developed by the brand for back pain chairs and is a good middle therm between the previous models for its most accessible price.

On the other hand, this chair has exclusive technologies, like the design of the dual backrest with personal adjustments for each of the parts, including the “spine” of the chair. You can emulate a perfect chair for your needs.


  • Lumbar support is the split-fit dual backrest
  • Includes seat slider and adjustable headrest
  • Synchronized tilting system
  • Seat made on special mesh fabric


  • All parts have more than one adjustable setting (height, weight, reclination, etc)
  • Armrests are slip-resistant
  • Compliant with Cal 117 standards and Meets or exceeds all U.S. home office furniture industry standards (ANSI/BIFMA)

Wrapping it up

Don’t forget to always prioritize the materials of these chairs and pay attention to measures and adjustments. The best remedy for back pain is not always the most expensive chair but the one that best fits your body, so choose wisely!

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