The Best Futon Mattress For Sitting & Sleeping in 2023

Once we started our research on the best futon mattress, we were mesmerized by the variety of futon mattresses. When we asked a couple of friends, “What is a Futon?” the most common answer was that futons are sofas that, when folded, transform into beds. This is true, but only according to the western version of futons.

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The term refers to a lightweight Japanese mattress that can be rolled up and stowed away throughout the day. Futons are well-known as of late for their ability to conserve space and not break the bank. Let’s say you have a limited amount of space in your home or you’re always on the road; in any case, you’ll need a solution that is both practical and simple to transfer.

Even if this isn’t your situation specifically, not everyone can afford two bedrooms, and you never know when guests will drop in unexpectedly. A bed for the night is required once more. A futon mattress, then, will meet all your requirements. And it won’t cost you a fortune! See for yourself how these futon mattresses may provide you with a comfortable night’s rest and more storage in your home.

AMERISLEEP AS1 Memory Foam Mattress

When we talk about high-quality futon mattresses, there’s no way to skip this Amerisleep’s super flexible creation that is made in the USA. Although the price is a little above the average, it’s the ultimate mattress for a futon that would make you feel like you sleep on a heavenly bed. Its firmness provides support for stomach and back sleepers because, unlike some other foam mattresses for futons, it doesn’t allow sinkage or sagging of the body.

AS1 is made of Bio-Pur memory foam that is cooling and suitable for hot summer nights. This is due to the plant-based materials and the open-cell design. It fits on a regular bed frame, so if you are new to the whole futon experience and decide that it’s not your thing, you can still use it for your normal bed. It might be 10 inches thick, but used on a futon frame as a couch, it will not slip and offers superb comfort that you will love.

The thing we love the most about this memory foam mattress futon-friendly choice by Amerisleep is that it is made of eco-friendly materials. The Bio-Pur foam features renewable natural oils. The use of synthetic-based resources is downsized to a minimum. This foam is way better than the traditional memory one since it allows the air to flow in and out, which prevents overheating. Last but not least, it is dust mites and mildew-resistant for your safety.

FULI Traditional Japanese Shiki Futon

We know some of you are here to find the best traditional Japanese futon. Before we share why we think this FULI futon mattress is an excellent purchase, we want to make sure you know how to care for it properly. This is vital for a night of healthier sleep and the futon’s longevity. A futon mattress must be dried outside in the sun or indoors every day.

The product firmness is rated as Medium, so we don’t recommend it for overweight people. It comes in six sizes, and most will cause you no trouble folding and storing them in the closet, except the larger futons. In case you don’t use the room as a bedroom during the day, this is your perfect match. If you intend to sleep on the floor, consider buying a full futon set – a tatami mat in addition to your Shiki futon that will help with adjusting moisture and a cover.

What we love about it is that a lot of effort and care is put into making these futons. Japanese Craftsmen individually make each one. The fabric is 100% cotton, while the stuffing is made of polyester. It takes an hour to decompress arrival. Sleeping on a futon mattress will feel amazing, that is a matter of fact. What will surprise you about this product, though, is that if it’s used plus a tatami mat, it does help with back pain. Yes, it’s not just a myth!

Classic Brands Full Futon Mattresses

Although it looks similar to the DHP futon mattress and doesn’t have many color options, this one will win you over when you check the price tag. It comes only in Black and Brown but would still make a statement in any room. It features an individually encased coil innerspring system that helps not tear it and wear it off even after more prolonged usage.

This Classic Brands futon mattress has a durable microfiber cover and foam layering for ultra-comfortable sleeping. With the 6 inches of wrapped innerspring coils and a total of 8 inches thickness, it characterizes a higher profile than standard options for a futon mattress. It comes with a 1-year worry-free warranty, although once you find a place for it in your home, the chances are that you would never want to return it.

Without effort, you can fold it and turn it into a futon sofa. It quickly regains its original shape every time. Portability might not be a vital feature for these kinds of futons, and it doesn’t include a frame, so you have to buy one separately. However, if you can’t afford to buy a whole bed piece and a sofa, the thing is to look for something like this item that can serve you both ways and not bother you with high maintenance.

DHP Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

Dorel Home Products always comes up with fresh and eye-catching designs. This stylish 8-inch futon mattress is so chic and comfortable as a bed and a sofa. It is available in multiple colors, and it doesn’t come with a frame; it is only a plush futon mattress. Don’t worry about it. It fits a standard full-size futon frame just fine. We are sure this full-size mattress for futons can suit even the most refined style!

The core has layers of polyester, CertiPUR-US certified foam, and 8-inch independently encased coils. The latter provides fantastic weight distribution, and the foam relieves pressure points of the body. It features a luxurious tufted cover made of microfiber. It’s low-maintenance and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. The foam materials are low in VOC emissions and don’t include ozone depleters.

This mattress will retain its shape and form for years to come. Not only are you going to save some space in your room with this bad boy, but you will add more coziness to any area of your home. The DHP 8-inch foam futon mattress combines functionality and convenience. Whether you plan to use it for s guest room, a dorm, or any other living space, get ready to reach new comfort levels.

D&D Futon Furniture Japanese Rolling Futon

Proudly made in the USA, this low-cost futon mattress can be used as a yoga mat, bed, and a place to sit. It comes in queen size, so it’s suitable for two people. However, it might be a little bit short for a very tall person. The mattress is filled with 90% cotton, 5% resilient foam in the middle, and 5% polyester fiber on top.

To lower the shipping rate, it arrives in a smaller box, which means it has to decompress after. The original sizes of this foam futon mattress will be regained after a while and a little bit of stretching and pulling out. It’s one of the greatest futon mattresses out there for this price, but since we give you our world of being completely honest, we advise you to consider using a fabric deodorizer to avoid bad smells.

Are you tired of bouncy mattresses that cause back pain? This traditional Japanese futon is the solution! Are you living in a small apartment but enjoying having occasional overnight guests? Then this futon mattress is exactly for you. The firmness is perfect for back problems, even for side sleepers. Extremely comfortable and padded (but not lumpy), this mattress will be your go-to bed for all kinds of situations.

Wolf Serta Cypress Futon Mattress

The brand Wolf created a futon mattress that is ultra-comfortable but surprisingly light as well. It is 8 inches thick, and we chose it to be in our futon mattress guide for numerous reasons. One of them is that it features Cottonique fiber, which means it is hypoallergenic, made without heavy metals, and consists of high-quality cotton with polyester for a durable blend. All this, combined with an innerspring unit, makes it resilient and long-lasting.

It needs 48 hours to decompress fully. Follow the instructions for fluffing to enhance the product’s ability to withstand wear. The 18 polyester nylon tufts offer balance and reliability. You can choose from sizes Queen and Full, and the available color is only Brown. This futon mattress works only if you want to use the futon as a bed and not a sofa.

The good news is that a futon frame isn’t required, but the bad news is that it loses the futon’s renowned adaptability. This futon mattress and futon set is more expensive than some others, but they don’t compare in value when you consider the alternatives. One can easily outlive many contemporary beds. The cover can be removed, making it easier to maintain a fresh appearance and scent.

Wrap Up

Some futon mattresses we gathered are suitable for bed frames (like the Amerisleep AS1); others need a standard futon frame to turn into a comfortable sofa. At the same time, some are better to be used only on the floor (the Serta Cypress futon mattress). Depending on your lifestyle choices, our team hopes that you will find in this guide the most suitable futon mattress for your needs and style preferences.


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