Top 7 Best Lift Chairs with Reviews (Updated Jan 2023)

Elderly people and, especially, people recovering from illness or treating problems in the back often need a little literal lift from the chair, and if you are one of these people you know how great it is when all you have to do is to strengthen your legs and start walking, instead of enduring pressure on your back trying to get out of your seat.

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While most lift chairs in the market are limited to specific designs – in general bulky, ergonomic chairs – they are not at all bad-looking models or limited to just functionality. Even if there is not a great variety of lift chairs out there, there are still the good and the bad guys and we will give you a lift to get easily to a list of the best lift chairs available for your comfort.

Many models at reasonable prices will be displayed for sale. Avoid being too forceful, as a good lift chair requires more than just a steel frame that can be used to help you stand up. We recommend setting aside at least $400 if you’re searching for a reasonably comfy chair, as the price of just the frame alone is at least $300, and the more intricate designs can go much higher than that.

All of the models included here are accessible at either online or brick-and-mortar stores, have received outstanding user ratings, and retail for at least $400.

However, before we get to our list, please have a look at our list of suggestions concerning the things you absolutely must have when deciding upon the best chair for you.

How to find the best lift chair

Weight Capacity

Most of these chairs are also designed thinking of overweight users since problems with obesity are also related to postural issues, back pain, and other muscle aches in the body. Be sure you are taking home a chair that is within the weight capacity you need and always try to stay at least 1/4 away from the limit.

The more you get closer to a chair’s limit, the smaller it will be the life span of the furniture.

Electrical Systems

Check whether the chair is manufactured on the available voltage system of your house. While most of them are bi-volt, be sure you are not purchasing a chair that works only with one thing or another. There are manufactures that might produce one variation of the same chair for different voltages.

Another thing you have to investigate carefully is the use or not of emergency batteries and how long lasts their life span or automate use with no power source. Emergency batteries are important for disabled users and in case of a blackout, if they are vulnerable and alone for some reason, the situation may get critical without a battery system.

Cushion Design

There is a difference between chairs for overweight users and thin users. Chairs that are excessively cushioned may be uncomfortable for people that are bigger than usual. Space is required to do not pressure your body and cause discomfort and even back issues related to the tension against the furniture.

Fluffier seats are ideal for thinner users as they will need on the other hand more surface and padding to help out a comfortable long-lasting position.

Reclining function

You can either have only a lift chair or a lift chair that has extra functions like the reclining of the seat, some offer this reclination angle up to the zero gravity position. While this is a great extra comfort for you, you don’t have to stick to it as a rule and you don’t need to worry about looking for recliners with the lift system.

There are conventional chairs that offer exclusively the lift system with some modest reclining capacity. They are much more accessible and still comfortable, ideal if you are in a budget mission.

Best Lift Chair

MaxiComfort Large Lift Chair

This lift chair has a more slim design though has more precise and ergonomic functions, including the lumbar support.

As a lift chair, this one is as efficient as our previous model and has all its functions working with electricity, plus, the reclining position goes beyond many models available in the market, providing its users with a zero-gravity experience.

This chair is also ideal for people that are overweight or are just wider as the chair has a precise padding system, not feel uncomfortable.


  • Model of reference: PR-505L
  • Includes an ergonomic lumbar support
  • Includes the “Full Sleeper” position, perfect 180º degrees, and also goes beyond for zero gravity experience
  • Capacity up to 375 lbs


  • Helps reduce and treat lower back pain and muscle tension.
  • The number of reclining options is simply infinite
  • The fabric includes anti-skid/scrape feet for extra stability
  • Limited warranty policy on the electrical and mechanical labor, lifetime warranty on chair frame, lift frame, and reclining mechanism

Easy Comfort Lift Chairs 2-Position Lift and Recline Chair

This is the first lift chair on our list that is made with materials resembling leather on the upholstery, thus, it is a great option for people who are looking for a substitute for the traditional daddy’s chair.

This model is nonetheless extremely comfortable, and it also includes a reclining system that is not electrical however and has only one reclining position, and that’s why it is also more accessible.

The lift system as usual works on electrical power and has a remote control included for the push button. It is a sold as heavy-duty chair, so overweight people can also make use of it for more comfort. Be aware it requires the assembly of some parts.


  • Reclining chair with lift system
  • Made on vinyl
  • The frame is made of heavy-duty steel and hardwood
  • Includes remote control


  • Capacity for up to 325 lbs
  • Traditional decorative touch
  • Vinyl is available in several different tones

Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Power Lift Recliner

The last item on our list is this also quite a comfortable recliner with a lift system that is manufactured with a soft fabric resembling velvet.

Coaster Home is another brand that has a long date reference on manufacturing indoor furniture, so this chair is nonetheless a great option even if it has more simple features like some of our last items.

Likewise, this chair has a limited reclining system and is a perfect consensus between ergonomics and style. It is also available in only one color tone.


  • Made on proprietary brown sugar textured velvet fabric
  • Cushioned armrests and footrests
  • Includes remote control for reclining and lifting
  • External pocket for magazines


  • Reclines up to 130º degrees
  • All functions are electrical and work kindly
  • A smooth surface is easy for cleaning

Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior

This chair is developed thinking mostly of larger elder users, as it has a slim design to accommodate people with wider proportions, is easy to access, and with the correct amount of padding for a therapeutic experience with all the perks of a lift chair.

The Mega Motion chair has 3 different positions, also reclines and, above all, all these functions work with the same power source of the lift engine. This is the most valuable lift chair you will find in the market these days and it is as well a top seller. It is sold by the manufacturer with a battery emergency backup.


  • Made on chaise pad and hardwood
  • Heavy-duty lift chair all-electric
  • Includes 3 different lift positions
  • Recline electrical system
  • Includes an integrated battery emergency backup


  • Up to 500 lbs. max. capacity
  • The wand of the push button is ergonomic and of easy access
  • Available in several different colors
  • 1-year warranty policy

Home Meridian Repose Power Lift Recliner

Home Meridian Repose Power Lift Recliner

While our previous chairs are made for larger, heavier people, and especially focusing on elders, this one is for thinner users as its cushion system is abundant and really embraces thin bodies as it is supposed to do.

This chair also has a remote control system that is quite accessible even if you are laying down in the chair, so you don’t have to perform any acrobatics to get back in the ground.

The fabric used in polyester, is easier to clean and comfortable to the touch, though this chair is available in only one color variation. Is also important to note this is not a recliner


  • Lift chair made of polyester upholstery
  • Includes remote control with push button
  • Frame made of wood and metal
  • The electrical system doesn’t include reclining functions
  • Includes lateral pockets for


  • Extra cushioned lift chair ideal for thin users
  • Fabric quite easy to clean
  • Crafted on drop-in pocketed coils to style, preventing sagging and providing extreme comfort.

Homelegance Power Lift Recliner Chair

Homelegance Power Lift Recliner Chair

This is the design of the well-known Homelegance furniture manufacturer for lift chairs and even though this chair is more accessible than our previous model, it is made on bonded leather and has an ergonomic cushion system.

This chair has a series of precisely oriented support designs, like the lumbar cushioning, the arms, and the footrest. The reclining system here however is available only in the seat and footrest, while the back of the chair remains still. Also includes a remote control for the lift and reclining functions.


  • Frame made on a sturdy steel
  • Includes padded arms, backrest, and footrest
  • Model of Reference: 8545-1LT
  • Includes remote control


  • Capacity for up to 300 lbs.
  • Designed on durable bonded leather

At Home Designs Scottsdale Contemporary Power Lift Recliner

At Home Designs Scottsdale Contemporary Power Lift Recliner

This At Home Design is another recliner with a lift chair function, and while the others are much more oriented for a therapeutic experience with an ergonomic and precisely designed shape, this one works more like a very comfortable chair that focuses more on style than on providing ergonomic seating.

The At Home Designs chair is more than just a gorgeous addition to your contemporary space; it’s also rather comfy, despite its lack of high arms and a dedicated back-support cushion system.


  • Recliner with lift function
  • Upholstery made on java suede
  • The frame of the chair is made of sturdy hardwood
  • Includes footrest and an external pocket for magazines


  • Reclines up to 140º degrees
  • Sinuous, refined design with modern decor
  • You can use the chair for a nap

Final Words

Check with retailers on manufacturers the exact capabilities of reclination of the chair to assure you are really making a good deal. The first items on the list are the most complete models in the market, either for elderly or young people with back pain.

The last items are perfect lift chairs but are not focusing on ergonomic designs, so be aware of how much you want to invest because each kind of lift chair offers an almost exclusive pack of features.

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