The Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain in 2023

Do you know that it is believed by experts that 80% of the population some day or another will experience back pain? This is also the leading reason why so many people are not able to go to work and do their daily tasks.

People suffering from chronic back pain are sadly multiplying year by year, and a lot of them still consider mattress toppers a luxury.

However, they are not! Nowadays, there are many cheap but quality options on the market, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new mattress, the good old mattress topper is a perfect choice. Our team searched for the perfect mattress toppers for back pain, so you don’t have to. With these picks, you will get relief in no time!

The PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

Whether you are no stranger to back pain or have too little experience with it, this 100% natural latex topper will provide you with the relaxation you need.

For an affordable price, you will get a high-quality mattress topper that will help with spine alignment and give you a luxurious, soft feeling. The range of sizes is Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

This pure latex mattress will make you forget all your back pains with its soothing pressure points relief and its back spine support. In case you think 2-inch mattress topper thickness is not enough for you, this one has a 3- inch option.

You are very picky about your firmness? No problem! You can choose between Soft, Medium, Med-Firm, and Extra-Firm. The PlushBeds topper will improve your sleep quality night after night.

It is designed to provide a better heat distribution with the help of the open-cell airflow, which will keep your body cool during hot summer nights. These long-lasting latex mattress toppers are different from the rest because they are made with no toxic additives, bleach, pesticides and with care for the environment.

The mattress topper doesn’t have any smell, it’s hypo-allergenic, and dust mite resistant. Also, you get a 5-year warranty, although we highly doubt you will need it.

  • PlushBeds highest quality standards
  • Great topper for allergy sufferers
  • Height: 2-inch or 3-inch thick
  • 5-year warranty but with a lifespan of 20 years

Amerisleep™ Mattress Topper 

Looking for a new mattress topper to help relieve back pain or hip pain? Are you sick of constantly trying to find the perfect sleeping position at night?

This mattress topper will not only upgrade your sleeping experience but would also make some severe lifestyle changes since you will always wake up refreshed and rested. It features pressure-relieving HIVE® technology and an ultra-breathable cover.

Amerisleep offers two firmness options for their topper layers. “Comfort” lift topper makes the mattress softer, while the “Support” lift topper makes the mattress firmer.

The first one includes Bio-Pur® material that provides more cushion for cloud-like softness. The second, featuring Affinity material for additional support, makes the perfect firm mattress topper for back pain. MicroGrip technology is incorporated to keep the mattress topper in place.

Are you a side sleeper? Usually, thicknesses vary, but the brand states that most benefits come from 3-inches thick mattress topper since it will not cause too much sinkage, yet still, side sleepers will receive enough support for the areas of their shoulders and hips.

According to them, a higher thickness level would make the hips drop out of alignment. If this is not enough, it is designed to prevent overheating to save you from unwelcomed night sweats. With this firm mattress topper, back pain will no longer be a problem, trust us!

  • HIVE® technology to reduce pressure points up to 49%
  • Layer types: Comfort and Support
  • 3-inch thick
  • 5-year warranty

The Eight Sleep Pod Thermo Cover 

Let’s get something straight! The price point of this mattress topper is higher than the other ones we recommend. However, given all the qualities and features, we consider the cost very low.

Before we continue to all the innovations it comes with, we want to warn you that this is not your regular mattress topper. It’s an advanced technology upgrade for your old mattress that will give you not only comfort and support but a variety of sleep improving properties as well.

It’s practically a “smart bed” that fits any 10-inch or 11-inch tall mattresses. This mattress topper will improve your night’s sleep through temperature regulation. It features a liquid-cooling mattress pad for back pain.

No matter whether you need a warm or cool temperature to relieve your back, this mattress topper can help you. Our favorite thing about this unit was the gel-infused pad that includes sensors to track your sleep and heart rate. How cool is that?

You can check them at The Eight Sleep app, which will provide you with additional info about your sleep time, phases, and respiratory rate with a new report every morning. The topper also comes with a hub that is thermal-regulating. The water flows from it to the mattress topper. You have to refill the hub with water every two months.

No more fights over the blanket! With two temperature zones on each side, everyone can sleep at their desired temperature.

  • Dual-zone cooling and healing technology
  • Wide temperature range
  • Sleep tracking report in a free iOS/Android App
  • 2-year warranty


This triple-zone mattress topper for back pain is one of the leading on the market for recovery-focused sleep. Upgraded with two layers of clean CertiPur-US 100% polyurethane memory foam, it will provide your body, and especially your lower back, with maximum support and pressure points relief.

It is designed with the help of sleep experts and neurologists and proudly stands with the rest of the best mattress toppers for back pain out there.

The first layer is 2 inches thick. It features three geometric zones for targeted and adaptive support for backache and overall pain relief. There are small diamond zones for softness under the head, large hexagon zones in the center for extra support in the lumbar region, and once again, small diamond zones for a softer feel around the feet.

If you usually wake up with lower back pain, we give you our word that you will not regret this purchase.

The second layer is made of open-cell memory foam, which helps to keep your sleeping climate optimal by moving heat away from your body. You won’t experience that sinking feeling you can get with some low-quality alternatives of memory foam mattress toppers.

The third layer is an advanced phase change cover that is safe to put in a washing machine. This last layer further regulates the heat retention between your body and the sleep surface.

  • 2-layer certified memory foam for optimal body support
  • Mattress topper focused on recovery
  • Temperature and moisture management
  • 5-year limited warranty

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Can a memory foam mattress topper help for back pain?

Yes, a memory foam mattress and memory foam mattress toppers are perfect for supporting your back during the night’s sleep. The latter is a less expensive option than a full memory foam mattress.

And yet still, high-quality mattress toppers like the one we are going to introduce you to will last for a long time.

Memory foam mattress toppers are designed to be an additional comfort and support layer to your already existing mattress. They provide pressure-point relief and will be your best companions in the fight for reducing backaches.

They vary in thickness from 2 inches thick to 4 inches. With a quality mattress topper, back pain will be something you have only heard of.

If your aches are severe, you will probably need better support for your body, namely a thicker multiple-layer topper. A latex mattress topper and memory foam mattress toppers are great for chronic back pain because your body weight will be distributed just right.

Our team gathered products with excellent durability and breathability. Check them out!

What is the right position for back pain sufferers?

Working all day on your feet or sitting on a chair in an awry position can be extremely damaging for your vertebrae. This is why it is vitally important to take care of them on a daily basis.

You can do this with everyday stretches and exercises, making sure you take the right vitamins, and water, and last but not least – sleeping on an appropriate mattress or mattress topper.

If you are still wondering whether to invest some money in the mattress toppers we suggest, our team decided to provide you with some extra sleep solutions for your pain issues until you made up your mind. Anyone can buy a back pain mattress topper and expect it to fix their problems for life.

On the other hand, there are additional prerequisites for a full recovery. A new mattress or mattress topper isn’t your sole option for relieving your back discomfort.

One of the most effective methods for undisturbed sleep is to minimize pressure points by adjusting your sleeping posture or using a pillow to support your lower back. In the long run, sleeping on your stomach can be very uncomfortable.

One piece of advice is to either sleep without a pillow or use a very thin one. As an additional consideration, try to maintain a neutral spine. A pillow under the pelvis might help you achieve a neutral position. A morning stretch routine is also essential.

While mattress pads for back pain might alleviate some of the discomfort experienced by back sleepers, you may still feel some ache in your lower back or neck depending on the severity of your condition (depending on your pillow). There is no connection between the mattress topper and the ache in your back. Simply put, your body is not in the right position.

A solution is to place a little pillow between the knees to help maintain the spine’s normal curvature. In a nutshell, the ideal position is essentially your preferred one, with a few tweaks here and there.

What is the right mattress topper for backache and hip pain?

The perfect mattress topper for back pain should help to improve your posture and provide support for your whole body – head, shoulder area, spine, hips, and legs. Temperature control or other cooling properties are significant for the finest sleep experience.

When choosing a mattress topper, look for quality materials – memory foam, gel memory foam, or latex are great choices. Thickness is also important. Foam mattress toppers generally range from 2 inch to 4 inches.

Last but not least, you must also pay attention to the firmness of your mattress topper. Even if you buy an expensive mattress topper, it can still be inappropriate for you.

Too much softness could harm your back as much as an old bed could. If you weigh more, a firm mattress topper would be damaging to your spine as well. Everyone should find what works perfectly for them – a softer or firmer feeling.

With the tips we gave you, and the best mattress toppers, back pain will no longer be something to worry about. You will no longer have to switch a hundred of sleeping positions to reach the comfort level you desire. Get your body the sleep it deserves!

Wrap up

Maybe there are lucky people out there who have never felt what it’s like to have back pain.

However, the majority of us, young or old, know the struggle. Whether you have frequent back pain or it occurs from time to time, buying an appropriate mattress is essential for good sleep throughout the night and your overall spinal health.

Every human being is deserving of a painless life. Being able to fulfill all your dreams and spend quality time with your loved ones, without having to deal with any physical pain-related issues, is essential for a happy existence.

Nothing does a better job maintaining one’s spirit alive than a night of wholesome sleep and sweet moments of relaxation during the day. “No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap” (on a comfy mattress topper).

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