The 7 Best Cheap Recliners in the Market (Updated 2023)

You don’t really need to spend over a thousand dollars to get a fine, great recliner that works as comfortably as it is beautiful. Is not rare to find good furniture pieces available for quite accessible prices, especially previously to the releases season when a lot of good quality products are on the selloff. We made a great deal of this kind of opportunity for you and developed a special list with seven of the most recommended cheap recliners you can find out there, all based on great reviews, top-selling products, and of course, accessible prices.

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As our bottom line for the “accessible” idea, we decided to only analyze and select pieces that are available at max. for $200. This is the best middle therm between cheap and quality as things that are way too low on the line are often really cheap crap. Nothing that is really worth your money as a recliner will cost less than $100, so this is another edge for our list.

All the models you will see here are rated at least 4 stars and most of them are 4.5 or over. There are several cheap recliners sold for very few with a lot of buyers and with a lot of approvals, so the items you are seeing here are also highly popular.

Before you check our list, take a look at some tips to decide which is the perfect kind of chair you can bring home.

How to buy Cheap Recliner: Buyers Guide

Weight Capacity

If you feel you need something special and more resistant, you should check with the manufacturer or retailer whether the chair is up to your need. Most of the chairs included in our list are ok with 200 to 250lb. Always stay far away from the limit to avoid getting a chair that will go wasted and bad way too soon.

Warranty Policy

When they are available, all the best! Don’t hesitate to check whether your retailer offers a good warranty policy or not and compare them with different sellers. This can make a hell of a difference for you to set a deal, so be sure to get the best opportunity you have. The warranty policy will surely differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Most of these cheap recliners are easy to assemble, but some may be more complicated than others. Since they are quite simple to mount, you can surely stick with the one that offers much less effort. Check with retailers for an official guide about assembling requirements, this also will set many counterparts apart from your final selection. The easier it is always the better.

Cheapest Recliners on the Market for 2023

Lucas Club Recliner Chair

The Lucas Club Recliner series is some of the most discreet yet beautiful, stylish modern recliners you can get. At first glance, they look like simple modernist chairs, but they are adaptable, they recline and work wonders.

While the chair has not have a refined cushion system, it is comfortable and has even a footrest that will pop up from the chair when you recline it. The Club series is available in several different colors, so you can either pick more discreet models or some provocative, stylish colors.


  • Modern recliner made of bonded leather
  • Comfortable padded design with armrests
  • Reclining is available in multi positions
  • Frame made on the hardwood


  • The finest modern style you will ever find for a recliner in the market
  • Includes footrests that pop up when the chair reclines
  • Discreet and elegant design
  • Available in several different colors

X Rocker Pro Series Video Gaming Recliner Chair

This X Rocker chair for sure is a themed chair and its style won’t fit all ambients: it is a gaming chair, has a sportive, youth style, and won’t fit a cozy living room or a more conservative office room, but it surely works wonders on your bedroom and will work just as great if you just enjoy the style, because is not ugly at all.

Made on bonded leather, this chair is really great because despite being a recliner, it also is a tech central hub for gamers: it has a wireless communication system for headphones so you can even connect to multiple chairs if you want to build your gaming room, has two built-in speakers, a subwoofer and lots of output options to connect to external multimedia systems.

Above all, the chair is very comfortable and has an ergonomic design so users can endure several hours of hardcore gaming sessions. And all this for less than $ 200!


  • Modern, sportive gaming cheap recliner made of faux leather
  • Includes a communication central hub station to connect multimedia devices
  • Includes a stereo speaker system with a subwoofer
  • Ergonomic design with gunstock arms
  • Includes tilt and swivel systems


  • You can connect your chair to several different multimedia devices, from your TV to your computer, portable music players, and phone, and establish a communication network with other players via headphones synch.
  • The chair provides a great ergonomic experience with all the thrills of the high-tech functionalities

T & D Enterprises Massaging Recliner with Ottoman

Similar to our first model, this chair developed by T & D has a modern sleek design, even though it has a more sealed shape, and is available in black leather. Likewise, the King’s Brand chair is a massage chair working on vibration pulses, so you can sit, recline and enjoy a therapeutic vibration running by the chair.

There are 5 different programs based on intensity and areas that will be massaged (back, legs, thighs, all together, and so on). The T & D also has a free ottoman that is included exclusively with the chair for free. The only letdown of the chair is the lack of a swivel system that would this piece even more dynamic and fine, but still a great comfortable cheap recliner.


  • Recliner is made of black leather
  • Includes massaging system with 5 different programs
  • Control for Reclining and Massaging
  • Includes extra side pockets
  • Model of reference: BT-7600P


  • A very comfortable chair upholstered in faux leather even on its base provides a fine look
  • You can use it as an office chair without the ottoman and as a formidable recliner when you want to relax

Mainstays Home Theater Recliner

Mainstays Home Theater Recliner

The Mainstays recliners are another option for modern, stylish recliners for people who enjoyed the Lucas Club series but are trying to bargain even more. You can find this chair on sites like Walmart for just over a hundred bucks. But of course, it is not a replica of that design.

The Mainstays are slightly more commercial, with rounded armrests and edges overall. But this is still a kind of cozy recliner with a compact and discreet style, it will pop up a footrest just like the Lucas’ chairs and has two reclining settings, one on 30º and the other on 180º, so you can lay on and take a nap. This chair is also incredibly easy to assemble.


  • Made of black faux leather
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Heavy duty foam seating
  • Reclines on 2 different settings


  • A flexible, modern chair that can fit all kinds of ambiance. You can even use it in your office
  • If you are feeling lazy for real, no problem. The chair reclines to 180º, you can lie down and take a nap
  • Made on stylish black leather

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Last but not least, the last budget chair on our list is neither as inexpensive nor as good as the rest. This is a great glider that doubles as a comfortable nursery seat. This chair’s added padding and classic mahogany construction make for a comfortable ride.

The ottoman has its own glide system so it may move along with you as well. There are also convenient side pockets on the outside of the chair, perfect for holding magazines or anything else a nursing mother might need on hand. Please be aware that this chair comes in a variety of variants, some of which may cost more than $200 due to the use of more expensive, exotic hardwoods and higher-end upholstery materials.


  • Old-style recliner and glider chair
  • Frame made on the hardwood
  • Upholstery on polyester
  • Includes ottoman also with glider system
  • Includes external pockets for storage


  • You can use the chair as your new favorite glider like in your grandma’s old days
  • The padding system is quite comfortable
  • Is available in several different shapes and colors, including different woods and finishing.

King’s Brand Massage Recliner Chair

The next cheap recliner on our list is a formidable chair developed by King’s Brand and fits right into our budget limit: is a $ 200 recliner, made of faux leather and works much beyond a simple recliner, it is also a massage chair that vibrates to make the experience even better. The high-rated model of this chair is the dark brown one but the manufacturer might still sell other variations. You also get an exclusive ottoman to match the chair, for this price is really a great find, not to mention it is refined and stylish for modern ambient.


  • The recliner is made of faux leather with, accompanied by an exclusive ottoman
  • Includes a swivel function for the chair and the ottoman
  • Includes massaging function and heating system
  • Discreet Reclining handle


  • The chair has functionalities to heat and vibrate, so you can even have a massage session to boost your bloodstream circulation and relieve back pain
  • There are 8 different programs of massaging, reclining, and heating functions alternated or matched.

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Merax Recliner with Ottoman

This model has some similar functionalities to our previous model, while it doesn’t look that great, though, but is much more comfortable. This chair has a more robust cushion system, the back support is layered and the headrest is quite adaptable and extra padded.

The chair – and the ottoman – also have a swivel system to work combined as you move. The handle to activate the reclining is quite discreet too and you can control how much you will recline as your body weight on it and makes it glide. If you don’t want at all to only recline, but swing back and forth, just let it loose and it will glide. While some retailers sell this chair as a nursery chair, it is really not the best of its kind despite the gliding system.

The armrests are quite simple and there are no extra cushions for back support and arm support to lull the baby on your lap, some features that are the default for any high-quality nursery chair. But as a recliner, it is another great gem for only $200, and you can swing!


  • Recliner made on the extra cushioned design
  • Upholstered on plushy microfiber
  • Includes swivel system for both chair and ottoman
  • Includes glider function


  • A very comfortable cushioned chair where you can glide or recline steadily and spin
  • The ottoman is included for free

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Final Words

Don’t forget to make up your mind about what exactly you need. As you can see, many of these chairs include extra functionalities, and work on ways that go beyond the simple reclining mechanism and the differences in prices may make a big difference in case you are looking for something. And always keep the heads up about selloffs.

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