How to Return a Mattress – Easy Steps to do

Mattresses are the main things that we need in order for us to get a good night’s sleep. We invest a lot of money in buying the best kind of mattress in the market. And if we are under budget, we make sure that the mattress we get is worth the price. When we buy our mattresses, we spend more time choosing the right one.

This is because we don’t want to regret it by the end of the day. Before finally buying a mattress, it is best to have it tested and know about the brand and the materials used in making this kind of mattress. There are a lot of brands for you to choose from. This is also for you to test out different kinds of mattresses before purchasing one.

But not all the time we get to buy the right one. Sometimes when we are in the store, the mattress feels right. But when you have set it up in your home, it doesn’t feel right. Some people discover that the mattress that they bought has issues. Although some mattress brands have warranties, sometimes the stores won’t honor the warranty. This is why you should know your right as a customer on how to return a mattress.

Reasons to Return your Mattress


Just like anything that we buy, we always return it if there is a damaged section on the item. The same goes for a mattress. It is mandatory that before we buy anything, we need to double check if there are some flaws. But we don’t always see these flaws when we are in the store. We see these flaws when the item is already in our homes.

The most common damage on a mattress is damage on one of the springs or loose-stitched edges. This is due to a manufacturing defect, and the quality inspector failed to discover this flaw. And if you are one of the unfortunate customers who bought a damaged mattress, you have the right to return it.

Poor quality

Poor quality mattresses mean the mattress that you bought doesn’t have the right kind of support and foundation from the materials. Most especially when you had your mattress bought a few days ago, and you notice it starts sagging. This is an indication that the material used is not as good as what they say.

Or even if the color of the covering fabric is fading way too fast, you can have this exchanged or have a refund. The purpose of a mattress is to give you the right amount of comfort that you need. This is for you to be able to get the right amount of rest that you really need and be able to start your day fresh.

Not as described

You can always return a mattress if it doesn’t look or feel as it was described. This is applicable to those people who bought their mattresses online. The common fault in this kind of situation is the size of the mattress. There are people who ordered a queen-sized mattress. And what was delivered to them was a twin-sized mattress.

These two sizes are different from one another. And it is clearly not the one that is written in the description.

Purchased the wrong kind of mattress

Another fault when you buy a mattress online is that they delivered the mattress with the wrong kind of material. There are different kinds of mattresses with different kinds of materials used in order to make one. But if you received a mattress that is way different from the material that is being described in the description box, you have the right to return it. Because this will make you look like a fool if you don’t.

Comfort Issues

Comfortability is the number one priority that mattress manufacturers look at. They want all of their customers to have a comfortable sleep, most especially if you constantly move when you are sleeping. Imagine having a long day, and once you get home, you rush to your room just to lie on your soft and cushiony bed just the way you like it.

You will know that your mattress is not the right one when it is not giving you the amount of cushioning and support that you need. These two are the main characteristics that you need to look at when buying a mattress. But if you are not satisfied by the way it is supporting your body, you can have it returned. Most especially if you are starting to experience different kinds of body aches.

Causes body ache

If you are experiencing body pain when you are sleeping, there is probably something wrong with your mattress. There are mattresses that are specially made for those people who are having posture issues or spinal issues. These mattresses are made to make them feel comfortable in any position when they are asleep. Even if you are a healthy person and want to have a good night’s sleep, the best mattress is what you should look for. But if the mattress that you bought is not giving you comfort and it only gives you pain, it is time for you to return it.

Wrong firmness

The materials of a certain mattress will last long because its job is to give your body full support when you are lying on it. The surface of the mattress must have the right amount of firmness that you really need. But if your mattress is still brand new and you noticed that the firmness is not level, you must return it and have it replaced. Or better yet, get a refund.

Returning a mattress due to a factory defect or comfortability issues is reasonable. It is basically not your fault why the mattress you got is not as good as expected. There is a huge difference once you actually tested your mattress at home and testing it in the store. And also, there is a huge difference when you buy your mattress online.

This is because you have the right to cancel your order or return it because it is not the one that you ordered. Sleep trials are also given by some mattress companies. This is for you to have a chance to really test out their mattresses. And it is up for you to return or not after a certain period of time of their trial.

Things to know when returning a mattress

Know the return/ exchange/ refund policy

You can return your mattress if the store where you bought your mattress has a policy about it. But according to, most physical stores’ supplies of mattresses are not damaged. And you can choose the kind of mattress that you want and be able to inspect the condition of the mattress that you will be getting.

But if you discovered that the mattress that you bought had some flaws, you can choose whether to return exchange or have it refunded. If they have these kinds of policy. This is why it is important for you to know and research the policies of the store where you bought the mattress.

Also, you need to know that the brand of the mattress also has its own terms and conditions about the return policies. If the physical store won’t coordinate with you properly, you can contact the brand name of the mattress and negotiate.

Return it as if you did not use it

As part of the general rule in returning an item to a store, it should be in its mint condition. Except if the mattress has damage or a flaw. It will serve as proof that the mattress that you bought has a defect. Also, it will also help convince the retailer that it is a factory defect or the mattress missed the quality inspection stage before it was released in the market.

Keep the original tags and packaging in good condition

If you plan to return the mattress, make sure that all tags must also be intact. The reason why the tags are needed is because of the barcode. Some mattress factories refurbish returned mattresses and resell them. And sometimes they donate it if the returned mattress is not really in good shape.

And according to, mattress companies replace the top layer or have it rebuilt. This is to make sure that the entire mattress is entirely brand new. And there are some companies who have these returned mattresses sold at a lower price. But of course, they have these mattresses fixed so that they will look brand new.

Know about the shipping cost and online transaction

If you bought a mattress online, sometimes the shipping costs more than the mattress itself when you have it returned. This is why there are some people who often choose not to return it and suffer from an unwanted mattress, or they sometimes sell it online. But there are some online stores that have a return policy where you can return your mattress at their expense.

That is if the mattress has major damage or a major flaw where you can no longer lay on it. There are also some online stores that allow sleep trial for a certain period of time. This is for you to be able to get a chance to really test out the mattress and decide whether you are satisfied with the mattress that you bought or not.

Difference between buying it online vs. in store

There are people who prefer buying things online. It’s because it is more convenient for them, and it is not as hassling as going to the physical store. They can easily browse and read the description of the mattress that they chose and compare. And there are people who prefer to go to the physical store and see the mattresses themselves. This is for them to see, feel and test out the mattress that they want to have.

Here are the differences when you buy a mattress online or in a physical store:


  • Cheaper
    • There are a lot of mattresses that are cheaper online. Some are 15% to 75% cheaper than in the physical stores. These percentages can help you save more money and be able to buy new beddings and other mattress accessories.
  • More options
    • You can find a lot of mattress brands online and have them compared side-by-side. There are different brands that have different kinds of mattresses to choose from.
  • Has a sleeping trial
    • The reason why there are a lot of people buy their mattresses online is that they get to test it out and decide if they are really comfortable with the mattress they bought. A sleeping trial is only applicable for online purchases. And after a few months, if you are not satisfied or comfortable with the mattress that you bought, you can return it.
  • More convenient
    • If you are one of the busiest people on earth and want to have a new mattress, all you can do is pick up your phone and search for a mattress online. Wherever you go, you can choose the right kind of mattress for you with a swipe of your finger. There are different websites that sell different kinds of mattresses. You can shop without leaving your work or leaving your house.
  • Less hassle in delivery
    • Another perk when it comes to ordering a mattress online is that you don’t need to carry the mattress to your car and drive it back home. Although it takes a few days for your mattress to arrive, at least you will not have to burden yourself in carrying the mattress to your room. Online mattress delivery also often comes with the installing of the mattress. You also have the option to have your old mattress donated or removed from your property for good.

Physical store

  • You can test out different mattresses
    • You can actually test out different kinds of mattresses while you are in store. This is for you to find the right kind of comfort that you are looking for. Jumping from one mattress to another can help you decide on choosing the mattress that you will buy.
  • Possibilities of having freebies
    • Buying a mattress from a physical store also has a tendency to give you some freebies. There are some retail stores that give you a free mattress topper, beddings, or a pillow. This way, you can save more money because you don’t need to buy these things because they come along with the mattress that you bought.
  • A salesperson will help you in choosing
    • A salesperson is an expert in his or her field. They will help you decide which mattress to buy. They will explain to you what are the materials used in making these mattresses and what are its perks. They can also help you compare and narrow down your choices so that it will be easier for you to choose which one you will be getting.

Every one of us has our own preference. Whether we go to a physical store or buy our things online, by the end of the day, we still get the things that we want. And when it comes to purchasing a mattress, there are people who do some tricks in order for them to get a good buy. There is a battle between buying a mattress online and buying a mattress from a physical store.

And in order for you to compromise, you can always go to a physical store and test out different kinds of mattresses. And once you have found the perfect mattress, you can search for it online and order it there. This is applicable to those people who have a lot of time. But if you think about it, it is being wise when it comes to purchasing a mattress.

Wrapping it up

Purchasing a mattress will require you to spend hundreds of dollars. Since you are already spending this much money, it is best for you to choose the right kind of mattress. Rather than have, it returned and wait for a few days for a replacement or a refund. But if it can’t prevent returning the mattress, you should know the return and exchange policies of the store where you bought your mattress.

Returning a mattress is not a problem as long as you know their policies. And make sure to talk to the salesperson if you are in a physical store or the distributor if you are purchasing online. This is to assure you that the process of returning the mattress will not give you a problem. But if you don’t want to hassle yourself with this transaction, be sure that the mattress that you bought is in great condition.

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Written by: Darwin Bliss

Darwin Bliss a sales consultant for furniture and appliance quality check. He worked for Casper Mattresses and Dreams Mattresses for 20 years. And he is knowledgeable when it comes to choosing the best kind of mattress in the market.

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